B.Sc (Maths, Statistics & Computer Science)

B.Sc (Maths, Statistics & Computer Science)

Course Summary

This course aims to attain the stage of aspiring technocrats by logic, observation, analysis, creativity, imagination, reasoning which are the essence of computer science. A quality education in computer science will equip students with the attributes that are highly valued and sought after by a diverse range of employers around the globe.

Computer science (CS) education is a pathway to innovation, to creativity and to exciting career opportunities in the IT industry. We believe that all students deserve these opportunities with our methodology of teaching computer science by developing programming skills, application knowledge, utilizing resources like high end infra computer lab with cutting edge technical software installation with Wi-Fi connection which allow the students to face the current challenges of IT industry.

Course Features

  • Duaration : 03 Years
  • Semesters : 06
  • Exams : 06
  • Students : 100